That’s all very well, but I don’t want to be discussing my private business in a shop!

You don't have to!

The majority of our pharmacies have private consulting rooms where the walls don’t have ears and the only person who will get to hear what you have to say is the pharmacist.

Everything you say is in private and no one is going to tell your Mom, teacher, boss, next door neighbour or your other half! Most of the information you give the pharmacist does not even have to go to your doctor.

Fair enough, but how do you get into the private room?

All of the staff who work in pharmacies are aware that some people might find it embarrassing to ask for what they want.

Most pharmacy staff have undergone a training programme to deal with these embarrassing little moments and know how to make sure you feel comfortable. You just need to ask to speak to a pharmacist or you could show your ‘Derek sent me card’ and you won’t even have to say a word!

What if I get there and they can’t help me?

Excellent Knowledge

If the pharmacist can’t help, they will be able to point you in the right direction. All of the pharmacies in the Dudley borough have an excellent knowledge of other local health services and organisations.

So I don’t have to make an appointment, I can get the advice or treatment I need most of the time and it’s confidential. What’s it going to cost me?

The honest answer is, it all depends on what you're visiting for.

Over the counter medicines usually cost money, but very often this is less than the cost of a prescription. Services such as help to stop smoking and Chlamydia testing won’t cost you a penny!

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